Earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a tougher texting-while-driving law, emphasizing, "It’s not okay for people to do this. It’s not fun; it’s not cool. If you’re in a car with someone whose talking the cell phone or texting, you have to let them know it’s not okay." Now, after a summer crackdown resulting in 21,580 tickets (last year, only 5,208 were written), Cuomo announced 91 new "texting zones" across New York for drivers to pull over and use their phones, "There is no excuse to take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road because your text can wait until the next Texting Zone.”

"These Zones will be identified with signs along the Thruway and State Highways, reminding drivers that there is a nearby opportunity for them to legally and safely use their phone," Cuomo said in a statement, pointing out there are five times more fatalities from distracted driving than drunk driving:

There will be 298 signs posted along the NY State Thruway and other highways to notify drivers of the "texting zones." You can see the list here.

Cuomo also referred how teens especially love to text, "They are the generation of the cell phone, of the electronic device ... that they use constantly. I have three young ladies at home and I see it first-hand." So does Louis CK.