The fact that Governor Andrew Cuomo is a supporter of marriage equality is no secret, and as he and a group of gay rights groups (and some business leaders) work together to try and bring the right to marry to New York's gays and lesbians he isn't backing down. “I think it is long overdue," he said in a press conference today. "I’ve been talking about that issue also for a year. I know it’s failed before, but I think this is a different day.

Cuomo also said that he plans to bring his argument to the people—a majority of whom already agree with him—in the hopes that political pressure will help the Senate and the Assembly get with it. Still, we suspect Ruben Diaz, Sr. will be a lost cause.

Further, Cuomo said he'd like to get gay marriage passed in the Statehouse by June, but that the "when" of it passing isn't as important to him as the "whether." You can watch for yourself here: