A teenage girl fell from a gondola at an upstate New York amusement park on Saturday, plunging 25 feet into a crowd of park-goers and employees who'd gathered to catch her.

Eyewitness footage from the incident shows the 14-year-old girl dangling from a stopped ride, as onlookers below urge her to jump into their arms. The girl eventually lets go, and strikes a tree before landing in the arms of the crowd.

The unnamed girl was rushed to the hospital but did not sustain any serious injuries, officials told the Associated Press.

"Girl falling from ride at 6 Flags Great Escape and they have NO means to rescue them," witness Loren Lent wrote in a Facebook post. "Thanks to the guys who banded together to catch her and the guy who climbed the tree to move the branches out of the way."

Sky News reports that a 47-year-old man was taken to the hospital with a back injury that he suffered while helping to catch the falling girl.

A park official told the AP in a statement that a review of has been conducted, and "there does not appear to be any malfunction of the ride."