A drone crashed near Grand Central Terminal Monday evening, nearly colliding with a businessman standing below.

Footage found on the memory card of the 3-pound device indicates that the tiny aircraft was floating between 20 and 30 stories above ground when it smacked into a window and began its inglorious descent. ABC has video from the failed flight:

The almost-victim alerted police to the incident, who "did no further investigation because they said no law was broken."

As of last year, 1,428 public institutions have received permits from the FAA to use unmanned aerial vehicles (DRONES)—including the State Department, various law enforcement agencies and universities (see a map of active permitholders here).

In April, two New York Assemblymen introduced bills that would sharply limit the use of drones by law enforcement agencies in the state.

According to The Verge, FAA rules state that "hobbyist drones must fly below 400 feet and keep away from airports and heavily populated areas like city streets." Attempting to reach the FAA spokesman Les Dorr, the site reports receiving the following voicemail message: "I am out of the office due to a lapse in funding. Please call back after news reports advise a resumption of services for all federal agencies."

Regarding the incident, an NYPD spokesperson told us "she had no idea" what were talking about.