Newark Mayor Cory Booker, known for his blizzard response, was shoveling Newark today, and took video of him at work with a bunch of volunteers. Booker praised all the people helping each other to get through the big snow and paraphrased Camus! He was also Tweeting up a storm, "On Hecker St: we just dug out driveway of a disabled person so ambulance could do their work. Please check in on others today & lend a hand" "Inspecting Raymond Blvd. This was not done well. Unacceptable. Sending crew back to hit this major road" and "Only had a Zone Bar, water and diet pepsi today #nothealthy. Stoping 4 a food break. Remember, call 973 733 4311 to report any snow concerns."

But don't worry—he did other stuff besides shoveling: "Jumping off snow duty 4 an important hour meeting on a big potential job/econ development poject in Nwk."