The Critical Mass ride that wrapped up Bike Month last Friday night saw an increase in participants, as well as an increase in summonses for "failure to keep right" while cycling, which biking advocates maintain is not a valid ticket and is regularly dismissed in court. (The rule in question, RCNY 4-12(p)(3), states that "Bicyclists may ride on either side of one-way roadways that are at least 40 feet wide.") Over a dozen summonses were issued, some during a sting at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge, where police wrote tickets for cyclists without front and rear lights.

Watch your tax dollars at work as police manpower is utilized to keep the city safe from cyclists, with cops even ticketing a man for videotaping their ticket-writing. We're told he was given three tickets; one for that 4-12(p)(3) violation, one for obstructing vehicle traffic, and a third for disorderly conduct. Times-Up spokesperson Barbara Ross says police "seemed really puzzled on what tickets to give him. It actually took about a half hour to finally give him these tickets after they rewrote the ticket at least twice. The lawyer for the NYPD, Lieutenant Albano, actually arrived at the scene and seemed to be consulted on what to write on the ticket."

Below, a second video shows the dumb getting even dumber, as cops on scooters motor down the Hudson River bike path to stay with the Critical Mass ride. Ross speculates that the increased "atmosphere of retaliation from the NYPD" may have had something to do with a pending lawsuit filed by cycling advocates. During last month's trial, lawyers for groups like the Five Borough Bike Club challenged the constitutionality of policing tactics used against Critical Mass and other group rides. A judge’s ruling is expected any day now.

Here's the full case history, with transcriptions of testimony. During depositions, lawyers established that during Critical Mass rides, "groups as small as five bicyclists have been pursued from Union Square all the way to their homes by scooter officers in an attempt to ensure they did not assemble with other bicyclists." Commissioner Raymond Kelly denied knowledge of the tactic; check out more cop scooter stupidity below.