NYPD officers punched and tackled a man during a chaotic arrest in the East Village last night, in the midst of a solidarity march for Ferguson and Palestine. Video taken by a protester shows police officers throwing punches and dropping the unidentified man to the pavement on 10th Street near Avenue D. He's later dragged away in handcuffs:

An NYPD spokesperson could not elaborate on what prompted the arrests, but confirmed that two men, ages 29 and 31, were arrested at the location last night and charged with disorderly conduct. (One police source told the Daily News the man in the video was exhibiting "tumultuous behavior.") An unidentified 23-year-old female was also arrested on Avenue A and East 3rd Street.

The protester who took the video did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last night's demonstration began with a rally in Cadman Plaza followed by a march over the Brooklyn Bridge to NYPD HQ, intended to connect "Palestinian resistance to Israeli aggression to recent struggles in the U.S. against highly militarized police departments. Many of these same police departments have trained and shared 'tactics' with the Israeli government, including the New York City and St. Louis, Missouri Police Departments, most recently on display in Ferguson, Missouri."

Along the way over the Brooklyn Bridge, another group of protesters unfurled an enormous Palestinian flag with "Boycott, Divest, Sanction" written on it. No arrests have been made in connection with that incident.

Following the One Police Plaza rally, which drew an estimated 1,000 demonstrators, a smaller group of protesters marched north through the streets, eventually winding their way through the NYC public housing buildings in the East Village. Reporter Nick Pinto was on the scene:

And later, in Union Square, "Light Brigade" protesters posed for a photo op: