In the war against Occupy Wall Street, the NYPD is bringing out the big guns: Videos of excrement. A press release featuring the cheeky subject line "It Happens" was distributed by the NYPD press office tonight, announcing that a Philadelphia man has been arrested and charged with "Unlawful Possession of Noxious Matter (human urine and feces)." As you can see in this video, two individuals are seen dragging a big bucket of something black and nasty-looking into the open-air plaza at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Streets in Lower Manhattan, then pouring the waste down the stairs there. The prank is then repeated in the vestibule of a Chase bank on Water Street.

According to the NYPD, the bucket contained large quantities of human urine and feces. A witness to the vandalism jotted down the license plate number of the van used to transport the waste and police say they tracked down the owner, Jordan Brooks Amos, 25, of Philadelphia. Amos and his unidentified accomplice are both Occupy Wall Street protesters, according to the NYPD. In addition to unlawfully possessing noxious matter, Amos is also charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle. Oh, and ruining your dinner.