[Update Below] It is 100% legal to film anyone—including police officers—in public places. And it is also 100% legal to film them in MTA stations, as long as you're not interfering with any law enforcement activity. Robert Strype certainly wasn't interfering when he started filming two MTA cops kicking an old homeless man out of the 125th Street Metro North station on Friday morning around 8 a.m. "I was up on the balcony at the station and I started filming what they were doing and that is where the video starts," he told us. "I was asked ridiculous questions and one of the cops swiped at my phone at one point."

As you can see in the video, Strype didn't say anything to the cops until they called him over and proceeded to grill him over whether he had a train ticket. "The bald cop was a jerk, he the one who initially waved at the camera and then smacked at it," Stryper said. The bald cop clearly smacks the camera around the 1:25 mark, saying, "Get that shit off of my face."

"The other cop seemed to be getting off on his authority, he was the one who initiated contact and lectured at me," Strype added. That officer never directly says that Strype was doing anything illegal, but after his lecture, he refers to the videotaping as "extra and unwarranted in my opinion," and recommends Strype wait upstairs at the outdoor platform for his train.

We've contacted the MTA for comment. "I found the entire ordeal to be ridiculous," Strype told us. "I was not interfering with them in any way. I was up on a balcony and i did not say a word." At least Strype wasn't handcuffed and taken to a jail cell for his non-offense.

Update: We spoke to Metro North spokeswoman Marjorie Anders about the incident, and she offered this comment: "Friday was a very special day. Tensions were high on all parts, in all areas of the nation. Everyone was on edge. No harm done on a very, very weird day in the nation. "