Does the SUV driver who was brutally beaten by a group of motorcyclists last month have an uncle high up in the state police? Yes he does, according to the State Trooper in this helmetcam video, who pulls over a pair of speeding bikers on the Palisades Parkway and lets them off with just a warning. He claims they were pulled over because Alexian Lien's uncle is "one of our bosses on our job" and ordered a crackdown. Here's the video:

"I'm gonna give you a fair warning, okay?" the unidentified officer says. "It's off limits right now. Anything over five over the speed limit — you guys are going to get stopped, you guys are going to get written. After what happened in New York City, this is what they're doing. Okay, the guy who was assaulted — his uncle is one of our bosses on our job. So he sent the word down, that all these bikes are getting stopped, and they're going to get written."

We haven't been able to verify (yet) that Lien does in fact have an uncle on the force, but if true the officer in this video is really going to regret doing these motorcyclists a favor. [Via Jalopnik]