A month after an NYPD officer was seen crashing a confiscated e-bike in the Bronx, a cop ran a red light and crashed a dirt bike in Harlem over the weekend.

The Post's police sources say the incident happened on Sunday afternoon, after the rider of the bike ditched it near the intersection of Lenox and 135th Street. The officer in the video is purportedly riding the bike back to the precinct, when he blows through a red light and loses control of the motorcycle. The officer was treated for minor injuries, and the crash is "under internal review," the Post reports.

Sunday's crash appears to have occurred in Harlem's 32nd Precinct; the station's Twitter account has numerous photos of confiscated dirt bikes.

"We are aware of the incident and this incident and investigation remain under internal review," Detective Denise Moroney wrote in an email.

Dirt bikes are illegal to ride in New York City, and for years the NYPD has waged a crusade on eradicating them, chasing packs of riders who split lanes and run red lights. In 2012, an NYPD officer struck and killed a man riding an illegal dirt bike as they were evading the police.

Four years later, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton waved a checkered flag right before a bulldozer crushed dozens of the bikes in an event that was broadcast on Facebook.