So here is the surveillance video showing an NYPD car driving on the wrong side down Jay Street in Brooklyn, lights flashing, and hitting a bike rider in the intersection. It's no "Cop Bike Bodyslam," but they can't all be Merchant Ivory masterpieces. Brace for impact at the 18 second mark.

The cyclist, 61-year-old Yu Tong Chan, broke his nose, a tooth, and sustained facial cuts after the accident. The officers in the car were suspended without pay last month because they failed to file a report after the accident, and drove off after giving Chan some tissues. (Chan required stitches for cuts to his mouth and nose.) After an investigation, the DA decided to pursue criminal charges, and sources tell the Daily News there was no emergency justifying the officers' speeding or use of flashing lights. Obviously, the case will hinge on how you define "emergency," because [insert donut joke] amirite?

Yesterday the officer behind the wheel, Louis Ramos, a 19-year veteran, was charged with reckless driving, reckless assault and leaving the scene of an accident, all misdemeanors. Ramos pleaded not guilty, and his partner, Paris Anderson, was not charged.