President Obama was on Meet the Press this morning, sitting down with David Gregory. The topics were what you'd expect: the extreme tone that the health care debate has taken on, how it's not about race, who he's predicting to win the World Series, if there's a deadline on Afghanistan, etc. Wait wait, was the president once again lured into being a chatty Cathy on plebian topics one again, just days after he called Kanye West " a jackass"?

So who does Obama like? While he still holds onto the dream that his White Sox might find their way into the playoffs, he seemed to show his midwestern loyalties by playing up how good the Cardinals look right now. But then Obama took a pause and found himself giving some love to the real Evil Empire, saying, "This is tough to say. The Yankees are doing really well. And a shout out to Derek Jeter." If Obama somehow pushes public option through Congress, we're calling it right now—cream pie from AJ Burnett at next year's State of the Union.

The entire interview is after the jump. Obama caught a lot of flak this summer for wearing "mom jeans" along with his White House jacket while throwing out the first pitch of the All-Star Game.