When your time comes to move on to whatever celestial plane (or spot in the ground) in which you will spend eternity, you'd like to at least think the journey to your final rites would be a smooth one. Which is why Sandy McBeth-Tuitt is so appalled at this surveillance video captured of city workers dragging her brother's body across the floor, dropping him twice, and then down a flight of stairs to chuck him in their van. She has filed a suit against the medical examiner's office, and told the Daily News, "They treated my brother like he wasn't even a person, but garbage. They should be ashamed of themselves."

Ropell McBeth, a formerly homeless schizophrenic, died at an assisted living center last year due to complications from his medication. His sister called the mortuary to the East Tremont facility, and when they arrived they allegedly told her to "get out of the way" before dragging her brother's body out. She didn't see the video until weeks later. "What are you doing to my brother?" she cried when the super showed the video to her. "You have to be animals to handle a man that way!" She wrote to the mortuary, who sent her an apology and assured her that the two men responsible were issued "write ups."

The city Law Department said "the medical examiner treats all bodily remains with respect." Except when it involves brains. Or Polaroids.