"A Chuck E. Cheese in Commack, Long Island: one of the last places, perhaps, you'd expect to see a fistfight," says the ABC newsman with a straight face at the top of this segment, which somehow manages to ignore the long history of Chuck E. Cheese brawls documented on YouTube and, well, ABC News. The latest installment in the playtime rat fight series was uploaded to YouTube Monday after a weekend birthday party devolved into violence and alleged robbery. To the videotape!

According to Strong Island mom Melanie L'Hommedieu, the trouble started when she tried to help a little boy who seemed lost. She tells ABC 7, "So I just, you know, gently said, 'I'm not your mommy' and I looked to see who his mommy was, and I was approached with, 'You get your hands off my son.' So I was in shock." The altercation quickly escalated, which tends to happen every time the Showbiz Pizza Band takes a set break.

L'Hommedieu's friend Lisa Lord says she was also attacked, and her purse was stolen. Through it all, her 9-year-old daughter desperately tried to get her mom to be a mom. Lord tells ABC 7 her daughter "was pulling me away, it was so sad, yelling 'Mommy, Mommy stop,' and I was just trying to get my purse on the way out the door."

L'Hommedieu and Lord say Chuck E. Cheese employees did "nothing" to stop the madness, and let the alleged assailants abscond with Lord's purse. They remain at large. But if you think this little Chuck E. Cheese skirmish was bad, check out how rowdy parents rock the E. Cheese down Florida way: