Once upon a time, NJ Governor Chris Christie was riding high on 2016 dreams. Then his staff decided to cause traffic problems in Fort Lee, by closing critical roads to the George Washington Bridge. But now he's on the comeback trail by making an appearance on The Tonight Show—and he started by doing the "Evolution of Dad Dancing":

This is, of course, the paternal counterpart to the wildly popular "Evolution of Mom Dancing" that Fallon did with First Lady Michelle Obama last year.

Like everyone else, Fallon had been mocking Christie's Bridgegate woes and even got Christie's idol, Bruce Springsteen, to sing "Governor Christie Traffic Jam." Now that Christie's back in the public eye, Fallon had to bring up the scandal:

"Boy, did you get hit in the press pretty hard," Fallon told the governor after he sat down. "And some late-night shows … I was in shock at how rude people can be."

Fallon, of course, appeared with Springsteen on his show in January, duetting on a parody about the bridge scandal to the tune of "Born to Run."

"What do you have to say?" Christie asked Fallon tonight.

"I’m very sorry," Fallon said, mock-sheepishly.

"I accept your apology," the governor said.

Fallon also complimented Christie on his weight loss (the governor got a lapband last year), sort of:

They discussed how the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council awarded Christie its Father of the Year award at a luncheon in New York City last week.

"I have four children," the governor said. "One of them showed up. But …"

"You ate the other three lunches," Fallon quickly said.

"You start off the interview with, 'Oh, you look great. How much weight you’ve lost.' And it shows what a putz you are that you go right to the weight jokes," Christie replied in jest. "Come on already."

Christie also discussed the defeat of his friend Rep. Eric Cantor.

A former press secretary for former NJ Governors Kean and Whitman told the Star-Ledger, "I think (Christie and his team have) concluded that the worst of Bridgegate is behind them. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But the environment is now ripe and ready for him to go back and do the kinds of public events and appearances that marked his administration from the beginning."