Newark Mayor Cory Booker is known for his hands-on approach to government, from shoveling people out of blizzards to pushing away his security so he can save people from burning buildings. So it makes sense that NJ Governor Chris Christie is jealous!

In a hilarious video for the NJ Press Association Dinner (basically the Garden State version of the White House Correspondents Dinner), Christie's staff is seen trying to figure out ways to make the governor seem more exciting, but Christie hates the "town halls four times a week" nearly as much as he hates public infrastructure, so he looks for ways to generate his own buzz. But that meddling Booker seems to be in the way every single time there's a fire, flat tire, or a beloved Boss in need of an axe. Check out the video here—don't worry, there's a Romney reference or two:

Christie's disdain makes him spit out "Booker!" in a very Jerry Seinfeld-esque fashion ("Newman!"). Now, to really make things exciting, Christie should take on the NYPD.