On Monday morning, an impatient driver jumped onto the sidewalk in front of a Williamsburg school, in order to avoid other drivers in the road ahead. Security camera video shows the black pickup truck driver hopping onto the curd and suddenly turning the sidewalk into potential mass-casualty zone. A group of children were standing on the corner of Wallabout Street and Harrison Avenue, and thankfully they weren't hit when the driver zipped past them on the sidewalk.

The video shows flashing lights on the dashboard, but it's unclear if the truck was an official emergency vehicle. The 90th Precinct is currently investigating a complaint for reckless endangerment, an NYPD spokesperson tells Gothamist.

This is the second time in a week that a driver has taken the sidewalk—which, again, is definitely not a road—and narrowly missed hitting children. Last week, a different driver climbed onto the sidewalk in Borough Park, Brooklyn, just barely missing a few kids walking into school.