How do you get people to pay attention to gun safety issues? It's a topic which Mayor Bloomberg and anti-gun groups nationwide have struggled with at times, especially in the face of the NRA's intense advertising campaigns. But one gun organization, that advocates for gun safety, may have figured out a way to brake through the gun rhetoric miasma: dildos.

Evolve, a NYC-based gun safety group (not a political organization) that believes in gun safety and the reduction of gun violence, has come up with novel approach to the polarizing gun debate: "Find a human insight - one that is true and indisputable to both sides of the debate - and leverage that insight to make the world a better place," Forbes writes. "In the case of the Evolve video, the insight isn’t about gun rights or banning guns, but something as simple as, 'If they find it, they will play with it.'"

If they're looking for more gun safety ideas for their next ad campaign, all they have to do is look around: NYC is full of drunk cops waving around their weapons in bars, tourists carrying loaded guns at major sites, and Homeland Security chiefs using guns as laser pointers.

[h/t Talking Points Memo]