A house cat escaped from its owner in the Canal Street A/C/E station during the evening rush hour Wednesday and delayed nearly 100 trains, but there's a happy ending: George the cat was safely rescued from the tracks and returned unharmed.

Mila Rusafova was taking her cats, Zoe and George, back home after a visit with the vet when catastrophe struck. According to am New York, "George, a black cat who is a little over a year old, was on a leash, while her other feline was in a carrier. Rusafova said George, who is usually sweet and peaceful, bolted when he got startled by an uptown E train."

She explained, "He ran and the collar opened and he jumped onto the tracks... He was really scared and ran into one of the alcoves and just sat in the corner facing the wall, not moving like a statue."

She and other riders alerted the motorman, but he had trouble alerting supervisors to what was happening, she said because of communication problems.

"Unfortunately, the radio wasn't working and the driver started insisting that he has to go," Rusafova said. "I frantically begged him not to. Meanwhile, my brother went to look for help."

The MTA soon shut off the power to the tracks, and suspended service on both uptown and downtown C and E trains.

That's a good thing, because the Post reports, "An eagle-eyed train operator, who was driving a Queens-bound E train, spotted the kitty dangerously close to the third rail."

"Time was a blur," Rusafova told amNew York. "That whole time George never moved. He was frozen to the spot. I was always scared that he would run."

The MTA said, "While our train crews deal with a myriad of incidents, an animal on the tracks is rare but crippling to service."