Perhaps bowing to the public's interest in a feline-inspired thief, the police released surveillance video of a female robbery suspect who robbed an Arche shoe store at Astor Place last week—all while wearing a cat mask. The police sketch actually featured the mask, complete with whiskers, on the suspect—luckily this didn't happen during Halloween, or the police tipline would be littered with sightings.

In the video, you can see the woman enter the store wearing the mask, which is odd, but maybe not the weirdest thing (cats on leashes, on the other hand...). She looks around the store then gives the clerk a note reading, "Give me your money. I have a gun." She ultimately lands an $86 bounty. Here's video (and a link to the video if the player doesn't work for you):

According to the Post, a woman to believed to be the same suspect has hit two stores in Queens. Last week, "with her head wrapped in a back scarf and only here amber eyes exposed," she headed to the Austin Street Body Shop, "just five blocks from the 112th Precinct stationhouse in Forest Hills and slipped the same threatening note a cashier. She walked away with $500." Last year, she robbed a 9 West shore store, also on Austin Street, while wearing a black scarf; she got $500 then, too.