Tourist Theresa Shaver was taking a carriage horse ride in Central Park on Sunday afternoon when the horse fell to the ground... and she caught it all on video (you're going to want to turn your volume down!):

Shaver was clearly distraught by the incident, and told CBS that the experience was "traumatic." Not only that, but after the horse collapsed (twice), the driver put him right back to work... which she also filmed:

Naturally, a spokesman for the Horse and Carriage Drivers Association, Ian McKeever, says Shaver is just “crazy” and overreacted in the situation. He says the horse was returned to the stable and didn't work until the next day, claiming in her video the driver was just waiting for Shaver to come collect her purse. He says, "We followed proper protocol, we brought the horse back to the stable—made sure the horse was fine. And the horse was fine." The ASPCA's vet says the horse was simply spooked by a pedicab.

The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages sent out a release saying, "In view of the three recent accidents, [we have] asked the Public Advocate's and Manhattan Borough President's office to do an independent investigation of the safety aspect of the carriage horse trade. We have also asked the Comptroller's office to do a performance audit of the Department of Transportation, Department of Parks and NYPD—to look into the lax oversight of these agencies regarding traffic rules."

Last month a cab crashed in to a carriage horse, injuring the passengers and driver.