While the newest Nets have been taking some pot shots at Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks in the media, Melo has apparently been enjoying his offseason becoming a master fish catcher. Anthony's wife LaLa Vasquez posted some videos and pictures of the family hanging out on a boat over Labor Day Weekend—the highlight of which is Melo catching a fish with his bare hands. Check out his quick hand skills below.

But some conspiracy theorists think the whole thing was a setup: "There is no way Carmelo caught this with his bare hands," argued For The Win, who think Melo had been handed the fish just prior to LaLa taking the video. "He’s barely leaning over the boat, and then somehow comes out the with the fish perfectly held with one hand on the tail and one hand in the mouth? AKA the proper way to hold a fish? You don’t just reach into water and pull out a fish in the proper way. It comes out squirming, and fighting, and you’d probably then throw it on the deck because there would be a gross, slimy fish squirming around in your hands like a lunatic."

The Knicks have had no comment about FishGate as of yet; we'll update as soon as James Dolan gets a chance to review the latest secret audio tapes.

As you can see above, Melo and the family also ran into some dolphins during their trip! But neither the dolphins nor the fish are close to Melo's coolest brush with wildlife—that would be the time he hung out with a panda in China like a boss.