Carl Paladino, the "outrageous" Tea Party favorite who managed to win last year's NY Republican gubernatorial primary to lose against Andrew Cuomo (and imagined him naked), is BACK. On Fox Business News, at least. Referring to how Vice President Joe Biden called the Tea Party Republicans "terrorists" during the debt ceiling negotiations, Paladino said, "Who terrorized who? The President of the United States terrorized the elderly by telling them that they are not going to get a check. What’s the matter with these people?” This coming from a man who threatened the NY Post's Albany bureau chief and loves to forward bestiality videos!

Paladino also complained that "green requirements" aren't helping the economy,
"[Small businesses] are frightened to death. They are scared. They don’t know what the future holds. If we look at all of this subsidy money that is being spent on green requirements, look at the regulation that has brought on to the economy. The American people look at it and say why are we spedning money there. It’s not something I choose to get involved with."

[Via PolitickerNY]