A would-be carjacker was treated to a scenic ride down the Bruckner Expressway in the Bronx after the cab he attempted to steal sped off—while he clung to the outside.

A witness used his phone to film 26-year-old Matthew McCorkle as he clung to the outside of a yellow cab around 2 a.m. Monday. The several minutes of video show a probably frantic McCorkle struggling to maintain a grip on the taxi's roof as the driver speeds along the highway at 70 mph, witnesses said. Police told CBS2 that McCorkle tried to carjack the cab on the expressway at 138th Street, but the driver hit the gas.

McCorkle hung on for eight miles until the driver slowed for traffic on the New England Thruway, at which point he jumped to the ground and carjacked a second vehicle—which he then crashed.

McCorkle has a lengthy criminal record that includes criminal possession of a stolen weapon, driving with a suspended license and drug violations. For Monday's incident, he's been charged with driving while intoxicated, robbery, and grand larceny.