A green-taxi driver seemed to run a red light in Astoria on Sunday afternoon and crashed into the side of a silver SUV, flipping it. The crash occurred at 31st Street and 31st Avenue, and was caught on video.

In cellphone footage of the aftermath, a stream of fluid seems to be flowing from the SUV as FDNY personnel interview a man seated on the ground against a light-post.

Remarkably, no one seems to have been seriously injured in the collision. An NYPD spokesman said that the department press office did not have a record of the crash, and that it typically only receives updates on crashes that result in serious injuries, or hit-and-runs.

An FDNY spokesman said that four or five people may have been injured, and that paramedics drove two of those people to Elmhurst Hospital Center. The spokesman did not have details on the nature of the people's injuries.

The busy intersection below the N and Q tracks was the scene of 22 crashes in 2015 that left five people injured. Police cited failure to abide by a traffic signal as a contributing factor in one of the crashes, which left two motor-vehicle occupants injured.

The intersection is two blocks outside of Astoria's Department of Transportation-designated Slow Zone, where the speed limit is 20 miles per hour, and speed bumps, markings, and signs are supposed to rein in reckless drivers.