WFAN's Mike Francesa is a NY treasure—he's a real life Abe Simpson granted the ego of Kent Brockman, and he happens to also be a semi-beloved sports radio personality. He thinks he's a genius, while many of his listeners just love trolling him on air. But Francesa topped himself yesterday when he interrupted his usual sports talk to report on the new pope...only to realize he has no idea how to pronounce Jorge Mario Bergoglio's name. But he didn't let that deter him!

Before his hilarious attempts at pronouncing the name, Francesa analyzed the conclave as if it were the Hall of Fame induction, wondering, “I wonder if you come in the top three of four, does that mean you have a better chance the next time?” White smoke looks dark to him! We have a pope! How many votes did it take! He better not be old!

You can listen to the whole ridiculous segment below. We're just happy that Francesa didn't ask is pope human god?

[h/t Rob Tornoe]