Look, there are a thousand reasons why an adult might wear a diaper: incontinence, cocaine smuggling, sexual experimentation, post traumatic Bloomberg stress, etc. Whatever reason the man in the video below had for walking around 14th Street near 2nd Avenue in a diaper, that's his business. But these insensitive passersby felt compelled to make fun of him either way. Because clearly there is nothing funnier than the word "doody."

Sure it's out of the ordinary to see a person wearing a diaper in public. But if someone isn't bothering you, and you have nothing nice to say about them, then perhaps you shouldn't turn on your camera and pathetically start to mock another human being. At best, all you're going to do is draw comparisons to the rednecks from Deliverance—but, you know, more doody-obsessed. This is NYC—if you can't handle people getting weird and freaky on the street, move back to Staten Island.