By now you should know that raccoons have infiltrated almost every part of our city, from the Bronx to City Hall, from the John Varvatos store in SoHo to Park Slope. They're immune to shooing, and they can induce you into accidentally shooting yourself. So none of us should take the threat of raccoons lightly, let alone shirtlessly—but that's just how one casual Brooklyn resident chose to rid his home of a baby raccoon this week.

William Levin and his wife, Malya, told CBS they had heard animal noises at their fourth floor Park Slope apartment for at least two years now: "They got progressively louder and disruptive, and started going throughout night, and it sounded like wild animals having a party in there," William Levin said. So he finally decided to take matters into his own hands this week and break open the wall behind his kitchen stove. And as you can see in the video above, he pulled out what is believed to be a five-week old female raccoon just doing its thing.

The Levins gave the raccoon to a trapper, instead of say, bottle-feeding it in their backyard with children around, so they've successfully avoided any nominations for a Darwin Award. The trapper told CBS he plans on turning the baby raccoon over to an animal rehabilitation expert, who will raise the raccoon until she can be released into the wild.

It's unclear how the raccoon got into there (or whether there are more raccoons living in their wall), but if we had to take an educated guess, we'd say the raccoon made a conscious decision to go into the wall by flattening itself out and going right through a seam.