A comedian from Brooklyn was caught in the crossfire of a shooting at a club in Bloomfield, NJ on Friday night when gunshots went off in the middle of her set.

Toni Byrd, 49, had just started her set at the Sports in the City Food & Lounge when about 30 gunshots went off outside the club. Six people were shot, but all survived. "Oh my god, I felt that first bullet go past me,” Byrd told The Post. "That’s what startled me and they just started ringing out." She told reporters there was no fighting in the club, and that the shooting was unrelated to her set. "They just shot that place up, man. Whoever did it had no regard for whoever was in there," she told PIX11.

A friend recording Byrd's set caught the start of the gunfire—you can see the video below:

Six people were wounded in the shooting, which NJ.com reports might have been targeted at someone in the club. The club has been temporarily shuttered over code violations. "We welcomed everyone with a smile, great food, & a good time," the club posted in a statement on Facebook over the weekend. "Our hearts are very apologetic to those harmed."

After receiving a tip that someone was seen stashing a gun in a car parked outside the club, police searched the vehicle and found a dozen "bricks of heroin" and a handgun that was not used in the shooting, NJ.com reports.

Byrd posted a statement of her own on Facebook, heralding one of her friends for tending to the wounded once the smoke cleared:

All praises due to God. I was headlining comedy show tonight in Bloomfield NJ. And bullets started flying..I mean they shot the spot up. 4 ppl were shot. I'm so grateful because a few bullets pass by me. I was able to get on the floor and make it in the back room. My homie Nicole KatSkates came out to the show. I'm so grateful that she didn't get hit. After the smoke clear I was looking for her and she was nursing the wounded. I found a new level of respect for her, She is the true definition of a lady with compassion for others! We are so grateful because it could have turn out a different way! Praise God!!

No arrests have been made and officials are still investigating.