Yesterday, tipsters reported seeing a 22-year-old man plunge from the Brooklyn Bridge into the East River around 1:45 p.m. One witness got video of him being picked up by a water taxi (see below), while another spotted him after he had been detained: "He was shirtless and handcuffed, wearing some kind of necklace. Lots of cops on the scene, and three or four police vehicles, plus two police boats in the water." According to the Post, he told cops he just wanted to cool off in the hot weather!

The man who jumped more than 120 feet reportedly told police, “I just wanted to go for a swim." As one kid in the video asks, "Why the heck did he do that?" He was unhurt in the fall, and was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. Maybe next heat wave, the man can find some healthier way to cool down, like heading to one of the cities cooling centers, loitering outside the open doors of a frigid retail store, or putting on his skimpiest thong.

Update: Another eyewitness sent us the first two photos above, and described seeing the man before he jumped:

I was visiting the bridge yesterday and witnessed the man jump. The first shows the jumper slowly walking from the pedestrian/bike path across a narrow beam that passes above the cars crossing the bridge. Once the jumper reached the end of the beam, he lowered himself to the round bar visible on the right side of photo. He hesitated for less than 6 seconds and then jumped.

The second photo shows the jumper walking along the wall of the pedestrian path, which he did for a good half block before turning to cross above the traffic. I have several other photos of him on the wall of the pedestrian path, but I'm not sure they are of interest.