And here we have chilling silent surveillance video of a Tuesday afternoon shooting outside a McDonald's on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, a block from Brooklyn College. In what the Daily News is calling an "artful rubout" attempt, three unidentified men pass a revolver hand-to-hand and then open fire on a fourth teen at point-blank range. But despite holding the gun inches from Tyquan Sewall's 18-year-old head, the gunman missed, grazing the side of his head. And though he connected on the follow-up shots, he failed to kill Sewall, who rolled out into the street, bleeding from the stomach, leg, and groin.

"What you see here is a pretty elaborate choreography of handing off the gun from the first player, to the second player and to the gunman - all along luring the victim to the ambush," NYPD flack Paul Browne tells the News. It's a little hard to make out from the video, but at the six second mark you can see a man in a white T-shirt receive the hand-off from a second man wearing a black shirt and carrying a black backpack. White T-shirt then passes it to a man in a red jacket, who waits at the entrance of the McDonald's for Sewall, wearing a white tank top.

Investigators say Sewall, who reportedly has eight prior arrests including one for armed robbery, was in an argument with the gunman before the shooting. As the clip ends, two men are seen running up to two white plastic bags that Sewall dropped in the street, just as a police van arrives. His assailants, meanwhile, fled through a back door at the McDonald's, ditching the heater in a trashcan a few blocks away, the Post reports.

Sewall is listed in critical but stable condition. NY1 talks to neighborhood residents, and reports that they believe "gun violence should come to an end." (Of course, the libtard MSM ignores all those neighborhood residents who want more gun violence!) "I think they should just take the guns off the streets, take the guns out of the gangs' hands," one local opines. "Because that's what I believe, they're probably gangs or whatever. I think that the guns should be off the street."