Cops are looking for a woman who stole a $5,000 wedding dress—with help from some friends and a little accomplice. The incident happened around 2 p.m. on Sept. 28 when a group of women, teenagers and a little girl came into the Seng Couture shop in Fanwood, NJ and asked to try on dresses. But the whole thing was a set-up, according to store owner Chamroen Seng, who said the friends and the little girl distracted her by pestering her for pizza: "We tell them, 'We don't have pizza. If you want pizza, you have to go out,'" Seng told the Daily News. "They wanted water, they wanted drinks, they distracted us."

Seng is particularly annoyed because the dress that was stolen, a YSA Makino gown, was one of her favorites: "I feel so bad. I loved that dress," Seng said, adding that it was also among the most expensive they sell. Police are still looking for the woman, but no arrests have been made yet. Seng told CBS she feels bad for the child because "they trained the kid to be this way." She added to the News: "She's going to go to school and they will say, 'Your mom stole the dress.' The whole life for this kid is going to be embarrassing."