During last night's broadcast of the NBC Nightly News, a fire alarm kept interrupting the program. Anchor Brian Williams deftly continued introducing stories and reassuring viewers that it was simply a test and that no one at 30 Rock was in harm's way. Mediaite crows that Williams handled it like a "pro," though we're pretty sure being a network news anchor means you're a pro. Anyway, take a look for confirmation that Williams is as good as deflecting attention from a persistent fire alarm as he as at skewering NY Times trend stories on Brooklyn:

NBC spokeswoman Erika Marshonall Tweeted, "This is the first fire alarm in our new NBC Nightly News studio. System should have been shut off - but clearly still working out the kinks." The alarm last for much of the program.

Interestingly, it looks like NBC retaped the segment for its online version (see here).