Not to be outdone by the V train's party, straphangers gathered on Friday night to bid farewell to the beloved, short lived W train on its last ride from Whitehall Street to Ditmars Boulevard. Over 75 riders drank pina coladas and sang along to songs like "Runaway Train," played by party organizer Bill Reese. He told the Post, "We are not going to protest because living well is the best revenge. So, we sing songs, it's like an Irish wake." Well, there was a bit of protesting, as W mourners booed the oncoming Q train at Union Square.

The W train was introduced in 2001, taking over for "Yellow B" service. One Astoria resident said he won't really miss it, because "there's another train overtaking it." "This was really just an excuse for partying," he said. Well you're in luck, because there may be even more excuses coming up!