So Bob Turner won the special election for Anthony Weiner's old seat and today was his first day on the job. How long did it take the former TV executive to make a gaffe? Oh, no time at all! Cue the C-SPAN!

To see what Turner did (and honestly it isn't really that bad of a gaffe, especially for a political neophyte) you'll want to jump the 3:20 mark, after Charlie Rangel introduces the new member of congress. See, Turner starts talking—"Thank you, Mr. Speaker, thank you, Congressman Rangel, thank you, Congressman..."—BEFORE he had been officially recognized by the House Speaker, John Boehner. Whoops! You know the speaker's gonna be crying about that snub tonight.

After Turner realized his mistake and was properly recognized he began again, to laughs, by saying: "Thank you Mr."