With polls recently citing that half of the city is annoyed by Mayor Bloomberg's reelection ads, the billionaire mayor decided to call in some star power for his latest video. Appearing to have not learned any lessons taught to him by his character in The Departed, look who showed up all alone to meet up with Mayor Mike along the waterfront.

Bloomberg's latest foray into acting comes on the heels of the mayor starring as himself in a film Matt Damon was shooting at City Hall this past Tuesday (the mayor noted he had extra time to lend a cameo because he would not be voting). The Massachusetts-bred pair have a history at City Hall—Bloomberg was the only guest at Damon's wedding there in 2005. When asked the other day about how they became friends, Bloomberg said, "All young sex symbols know each other."

Meanwhile today's Times has a bio piece on Bill Thompson that paints the mayor's rival as a well-liked mediator through the years. They describe him as someone who "has always been uneasy promoting himself. After eight years in citywide elective office, he still speaks in the second person, rarely using the word 'I.'" And a former city councilman and friend of Thompson says, “He’s not a huge risk-taker. It makes sense that his game is golf."