A straphanger recorded a brutal fistfight on the 6 train that left a woman bleeding profusely from the face. It's unclear exactly when or why the fight broke out, but the nasty spat — which goes on for about 3 minutes and spills out of the train car and into a station — was apparently uploaded and removed from YouTube on Dec 25 before being posted on the Daily Motion website on Dec. 26. (Update: It's now been removed from Daily Motion, but someone uploaded it to YouTube again, where it will probably stay for another few hours.)

The graphic video turns horrific when a woman who had repeatedly tried to break up the altercation by pleading "please stop" and "don't do it" is struck in the face. An NYPD spokeswoman told Gothamist: "I haven't heard anything about it. Whoever took that video, I hope they sent it over to police and made a report." Calls to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Transit press office were not immediately returned.

Here's the video (warning: it gets particularly ugly at around 2:45).