Let's start this Friday right with the latest opus from Taiwan's Next Media Animation. This time bedbugs get the CGI treatment, with [SPOILER!] a special cameo from Fox News President Roger Ailes blowing away the parasites with a machine gun in the Wall Street Journal offices. And speaking of the Journal, today the paper reports that a Long Island woman is suing the Waldorf-Astoria, accusing the posh hotel of giving her bedbugs to take home to Levittown.

Susanne Igneri filed her lawsuit in Nassau County last week, claiming that since her family’s February stay at the Waldorf, she's shelled out more than $13,000 to deal with bedbugs she allegedly picked up during her visit. The lawsuit claims that her six-year-old daughter Sophia suffered "permanent scarring to her face, legs, stomach, groin and body" from bug bites, plus "psychological and emotional injuries, anxiety and disordered sleep" requiring medical and psychological treatment. "The kid was having nightmares. It’s like monsters under the bed," Igneri’s lawyer tells the Journal. A pediatrician confirmed that Sophia had been bitten by bedbugs.

The Waldorf hasn't commented on the lawsuit, but days after the Igneris' stay an exterminator "performed a complete detailed inspection" of the room, "with no evidence of any infestation found." Hm, maybe that's because the bedbugs were already settling into their new home in Levittown? If true, this makes Igneri just the second victim of Waldorf bedbugs to come forward.