A Delta flight from Madison, WI to Atlanta, Georgia was aborted on Friday after what appears to be a bat started flapping around the cabin, CNN reports. Here's video of the winged stowaway, taken just moments after a pale-skinned passenger wearing a black cape mysteriously disappeared in a puff of smoke:

The passenger who shot the video explains, "I woke up to a small scream and then I saw the bat fly over my head. I grabbed my phone to get some video as my friends would never believe this. It went up and down the aisle about four to five times before being trapped in the back lavatory." The flight returned to Madison, and a Delta spokesperson says, "We were not able to confirm if it was a bird or a bat. Bottom line is the flight did return to Madison so the aircraft could be searched and it was after that search that it was able to return to Atlanta."

The incident calls to mind other classic animal plane stories, such as the man who boarded a Spirit Airlines flight with a monkey under his hat, and (again on Delta) a mice attack. When will the struggling airline industry start running animal-only flights for busy commuter animals? [Via Runnin' Scared]