In case you misssed seeing Howard Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate throwing the first pitch of the Mets-Pirates game Saturday, thanks to YouTube, you can see it again. And again. And again.

The Daily News' Bill Price writes on his Bitter Bill blog: "Gary Dell’Abate (we all know him as Baba Booey) from the Howard Stern show delivered what has to be the most embarrassing ceremonial first pitch in baseball history Saturday. He had been talking for weeks on the Stern show about doing this, and Saturday he finally got his shot... While it's pretty bad, he may actually be better than Perez and Green combined. If you look closely, you can see Stern sidekick Artie Lange - a Met hater - to the far left during the pitch."

Newsday's Adam Abramson writes on Newsday's Pet Rock blog: "This pitch just makes me cringe. I watched it live about 15 times. As someone who pitched for 10 years, he should have called me and not a sports psychologist, as he claims. The key is to put zip on the ball, Gary. And throw over the top. I really can't decide what it looked like -- maybe a boomerang throw? But I've never thrown a boomerang. It just looks horrible...Continuing to pile on, it's one of the most unathletic things I've ever seen from a grown man."

The Baseball News Digest's Mike Silva opines, "I still think the highlight of yesterday’s 10-1 Mets win over the Pirates was Gary Dell’Abate aka Baba-Booey” first pitch. I have seen some lousy ceremonial first pitches, but never one that hit the umpire."

That said, Dell'Abate was throwing out the first pitch to promote awareness about autism.