Mayor Bloomberg, who has been very vocal about his distaste for illegal guns, has gotten himself a strong ally just in time for the presidential debates. Say hello to Stephen Barton, recent Syracuse graduate and Fulbright scholar, who was shot in the neck and face during the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colorado. He has some things to say about illegal guns:

The ad, which is expected to air nationally starting this week, is part the Mayors Against Illegal Guns' Demand A Plan campaign and simply asks for those in power to present a plan to stop gun violence. To hammer the point home, the campaign's website currently has a ticker listing the number of "people murdered with guns since the Aurora Theater Shooting" (listed as 2,504 on October 1 at 5 p.m.).

"When the candidates walk into that auditorium, I hope they'll be thinking about another theater a few miles away where a dozen people were murdered, and dozens more were injured like Stephen," Bloomberg said in a statement today. "He deserves a straight answer about what the candidates plan to do about it."