Photos via Coney Island message board.

Last month Coney Island ended a tumultuous year with news that the Astroland Rocket needed a home, and fast. Well, today it was carefully moved (video of the rocketship in flight after the jump), but no one seems to know what will happen next. A look at the Coney Island message board, and here's what we find out: the rocket weighs 14,000 lbs! Other than that, there's a hopeful comment amongst the photos and sentiments: "The fact that they took it down in one piece could be a good sign....Does anyone know if someone has taken it? Is it being sent off somewhere also in one piece?"

We'll update when we find out if it went to a farm upstate to play with all the other abandoned amusements, or if it will be preserved at a museum.

UPDATE: One message board comment now says an announcement will be made shortly concerning the rocket's new home. "The Coney Island History Project received interesting proposals from groups and individuals in NYC, NY State, neighboring states, and even an amusement park in Pakistan! But we really want to keep the Rocket in Coney Island." And the Coney Island History project notes that "everything inside is absolutely preserved."