Our Dude, armed only with his natural dexterity and a severely underdeveloped Prefrontal Cortex, knows how dangerous cycling can be in NYC. He's read countless articles about bikers being killed, about cops refusing to pay attention to those deaths, about the families whose lives were destroyed. So Our Dude thoughtfully decided to put together a video that demonstrates the exact wrong way to bike in NYC, all for the benefit of society.

Watch as he swerves in and out of incoming traffic, only pausing for the SWEET occasional slow motion shot in which he is almost struck by drivers. There's also a long section toward the end where he gets to show off some of his best wheelies or whatever, which is kind of the equivalent of shredding on a bike. But if anyone deserves to vamp, it's Our Dude, the Eddie Van Halen of terrible cycling.

Some might say that one man's fearlessness and fun-loving nature is another's careless glorifying of death and wonton disregard for other human beings. We're just glad no one was hurt... this time.