A video of a traffic stop posted to YouTube on April 30th appears to capture a not-meant-for-public-consumption admission that the officers detaining the driver have no idea why they stopped him in the first place. It's unclear when the video was shot or what happened before the camera started rolling—uploader benfarias12 did not respond to a comment request, and a Bronx Facebook user named Benjamin Farias declined to discuss the clip—but the video description says it was filmed in the Bronx. The footage begins with the driver placing the phone in the center console and an officer saying, "Sir, step out of the car one more time, please."

From there, the driver remains out of sight and is apparently cuffed over his protestations. There isn't much action until the final moments when, after one of the cops has rummaged around the car and flipped the camera over, a voice says:

"I don't even know why we pulled him over. He was like, 'What was the reason why you pulled me over?'"

Another voice responds:

"Just put cocaine test." And someone, possibly a third person says, "That's what you put. That's how you write the summons."

The NYPD said the incident is being reviewed by the commanding officer of the 52nd Precinct, which serves the neighborhoods of Bedford Park, Fordham, Kingsbridge, Norwood and University Heights.

In response to questions from YouTube commenters about the outcome of the stop, benfarias13 wrote:

they finally told me what they pulled me over for when i was in the back of the cops car. 'obstruction of windshield' my air freshner lol wrote me a ticket for it too