Videos shot in the Resorts World Casino in Queens and posted on YouTube Saturday show a wild brawl break out among the slot machines, and then a police officer apparently bringing a man to the floor with a chokehold.

Details on what happened are sparse at the moment. The YouTube user who uploaded the video has not responded to a request for further information, and a police spokesman said only that he had a record of one man arrested on assault charges following a fight between two people.

The police report notes that the victim twisted his ankle, according to the spokesman, but video of the brawl shows at least one person apparently knocked out, and several people, perhaps a dozen, involved in the melee. Footage of the fight is shaky, and it is narrated by a guy extremely pleased to be logging the footage, though he apparently saw a lot more than what made it onto his phone.

"I got everything, bro," he says to a fellow bystander towards the end. "Say hello to World Star Hip Hop."

Somewhat clearer is the second video, in which a man gets in the face of a police officer, yelling, though it's unclear what he's saying. The man's face goes out of view for a moment, then the cop grabs him from behind—using what most of New York learned following the death of Eric Garner is a chokehold banned by NYPD protocol—and drags him to the ground. Of course, some might say this is a takedown, not a chokehold.

Following Garner's death, the Police Department began training officers in a takedown maneuver that doesn't involve grabbing the subject by the neck.

The NYPD spokesman said he did not have any information on an altercation involving an NYPD officer at the casino.

Resorts World Casino was the scene of a massive brawl during the opening of its Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar earlier this month. Dozens if not hundreds took part in the fight, some throwing chairs and brandishing rope-divider poles. Following the chaos, the casino said it would beef up security.

We have reached out to the casino for comment on the latest fight footage and will update if we hear back.

The casino opened in 2011. It is attached to the Aqueduct Racetrack and does not include poker or blackjack tables.