Stephen Baldwin's tax troubles weren't the only Baldwin news yesterday. For whatever reason 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin dropped by CNN's Piers Morgan tonight show last night and—among other things—let loose his opinions on the 2013 mayoral election that he, sadly, will not be running in. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is probably not going to like what was said:

If you can't watch the clip above, the gist is this: Baldwin currently likes Bill de Blasio for the role of hizzoner and he does not want Quinn to move to Gracie Mansion. He says that the Speaker is "a very nice person" but he thinks she is "untrustworthy." He also "resents" that she is "Bloomberg's hand-picked successor" and notes that she has "blood on her hands" after helping Bloomberg (and herself) get a third term.

There is currently no word on what Baldwin thinks of Joe Lhota.