City buses in Manhattan might soon be catching your attention with new LED screens playing video advertisements along their sides as they ride about town. The MTA is about to test out the new ads on ten buses with hopes to expand to 200 buses with screens, which will they say will only be on the right side to avoid distracting other drivers. (No word on what happens if one bus is already on another bus's right.) The screens will be equipped with a GPS, so ads can be adjusted for the neighborhoods they're driving through. An MTA spokesman said, "So if you're going down Lexington Avenue and the bus is at 65th Street, it could start advertising, hypothetically, Bloomingdale's." The screens have already began testing on the M79 in the Upper East Side, where residents are having flashbacks to the arrival of Kenny Rogers Roasters. One man told the Post, "It's just like you took my bed, and while I was asleep, moved it to the middle of Times Square. Neon signs are showing in my room. Bright, flashing neon."