Mental jujitsu is a powerful thing: while you were likely very cold yesterday, and feeling ever-chillier just contemplating your Monday commute, an adorable baby harp seal was leisurely sunbathing on Brighton Beach, as if this weren't one of the coldest winters on record in NYC. Was he mocking us...or was he trying to teach us something about living in the moment even when the moment requires a scarf and wooly hat?

According to rescuers, the seal washed ashore around 8:30 a.m., and was quickly spotted by locals. Cops cornered off the area where the seal was pulling a Morrissey, until rescue workers from The Riverhead Foundation came to take it for medical evaluation.

In the end, it turned out the seal was dehydrated with parasites, which may explain its laconic, seemingly-wizened state. Last year, a seal was spotted hanging out at Rockaway Beach in February; and three years ago, a harpy seal washed ashore on Brighton Beach in March.

It was a particularly busy day for The Riverhead Foundation: they responded to MULTIPLE seals spotted at various parts of the city yesterday, including at Amagansett and Cupsoque Beach in Long Island, and in Montauk, East Hampton and Staten Island. Clearly the seals' vacation season is very different from ours.