Three activists were arrested this morning after blocking the Brooklyn Bridge off-ramp in Manhattan during a march protesting the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United. The Village Voice's Nick Pinto was on the scene, and reports that the earnest protest came with a side of slapstick. Apparently, the three protesters who chained themselves together didn't allow for enough chain to stretch all the way across the ramp. One woman watching the scene unfold yelled, "You've got to be more organized if you want to stand up for justice. You've got to measure! You need more chain! What are you protesting, anyway?" Here's video of the arrest:

Demonstrators Chain Themselves Across Brooklyn Bridge Exit Ramp July 6 To Protest Citizens United from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

According to independent journalist and Occupy activist Max Braverman, the police covering the march almost outnumbered the dozens of protesters. Deputy inspector Edward J Winski was policing the march, as was Hipster Cop Rick Lee. At press time, it was unclear what Lee was wearing in this godawful heat, but one can only assume his choice of footwear wasn't flip-flops.